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    This year we offer some AMERICANA. The Ford Mustang is 50 We are having lots of American cars ,an American biplane doing some aerobatics ,a full size formula one racing car simulator,lots of european motor cars archery Clydesdale horses,donkies,The BEARS doing charity rides.SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE

    We also hope to have a fantastic display of HONDA GOLDWING MOTORCYCLES

  2. GWRRA Region I WA-E We are out of Lake Stevens, Washington State.
    Both Vi and I are “cross-over Scot’s” We ride a 2009 Yellow GL-1800 We belong to Gold Wing Road Riders Assoc. We have been active in the Celtic community here for over 20yrs. I was the Pacific Northwest convenor for Clan Urquhart Assoc.
    Our dream is to come to Scotland with our 1800 and ride with you folks sometime.

  3. I met up with you chaps last summer at Glamis and was full of admiration for your bikes.We are holding our show at Thirlstane Castle on1st of June and hope that you can come along and join us.Take a look at our website and facebook page.

    Look forward to seeing you at our 42nd Show for our AMERICAN DREAM EDITION.

  4. Was it yourself that were with the Angus Kilt walk was great to see the bikes out helping such a good cause. I was at Arbroath with RAYNET doing the Radio cover. All the best lads.

  5. Hi.we stay in Comrie Perthshire.we own a 1500 goldwing, we are keen to join up with a club and meet new people run outs etc, can you tell me where you meet and what’s coming up. Regards mileage

    • Hi Mike and Sandra, Thanks for the Note. We are a very active club. Our Club meeting is this coming Sunday. We normally meet in Glencarse but this month we are just going to head out for a run. I will email you details once everything has been confirmed and I hope you can join us.

  6. Hi everyone, I have had a brilliant weekend at The Marathon and The Holland cycle run. Great company and super weather. Look forward to many more. Thanks. Carl.

  7. Hi Peter, I’m Garry and live in Glenrothes, I’m also the club secretary and would be more than happy to keep you informed of our events and run outs this year. You are more than welcome to join us on any of our events etc. Scotia Wings is a friendly club and all the members have one thing in common! a Goldwing and the joy of riding it.
    Almost forgot we do like to
    Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
    Take care and ride safe,Garry

  8. Hi just met Jimmy Campbell today he saw my new bike being off loaded and told me about you guys so I am off to Spain on Tuesday and when I come back I will get in touch.Cheers

  9. Hi Guys

    We met a few of you at Bridge of Alan over the Esater weekend. Hope you all got home safe.

    Best wishes from the Honda Owners Club Cambridge

  10. Hi
    I have just become a reformed biker! finished with bikes in the 70’s. Then I bought an old cx500 and fitted a sidecar, a FJ1200 and another (2x FJ’s)then a VMAX and a ST1100 Pan, so the FJ’s went. Then I got a Hayabusa and a ST1300 Pan which the wife hated, she felt like it was going to slide away on corners?!! Got rid if the CX as it took up too much room, and did a px for the ST1300 for a 2001 Goldwing with everything fitted so now we are both happy…she loves it. But the ST1100 has to go, I need more space, sold the VMAX today (gave it away).
    I live in Blyth Northumberand and it looks like I will have to leave the Northern Pan Riders Club if I get rid of the ST1100, but there are no Goldwing clubs near to the Newcastle area, can a Geordie join a club over the hill that Hadrian built to keep the savages out? (oops a joke).
    We (wife and I) always attend the BMF Shows, next one kelso, where I spent ages looking at your members Goldwings that turned me.
    Could I Introduce myself to one of the commitee or hide?
    Best Regards

  11. I just wanted to say hello from a So. Californian “Scott”. It has been a few years since I vacationed in your backyard and returning to my family homeland is on my future travel list. Wishing your group all the best, and if anyone makes it to southern California, please feel free to give us a call.

  12. Hi folks, just read ya article on Steves Forum and dropped in to say hello & wish ya’ll the best with this site. Met some of ya in Gowran this year, sorry didn’t get the time to chat.
    Maybe next year, God willing…..Brian