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Collection Day for Macmillan Nurses, Dunfermline

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Scotia Wings had an incredible day at Asda, Dunfermline. An amazing £624.20 was collected for this fantastic cause. Thanks to everyone for their generosity!

Thanks to Asda, Robin, Helen, Garry, Ewan, Fiona and Callum

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Charity News

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MacScotia Wings love managing to do lots of charity work while we are out and about posing on our bikes, this year our chosen Charity was Macmillan Cancer Support, at our last meeting all our cans had been handed in to our Treasurer, moneys emptied, counted and independently adjudicated and we are delighted to announce we  raised just over £3500 that will be banked shortly. Continue reading

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Lovely story in such sad circumstances

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macmillanThis shows its not all about collecting money for our Charity….

Hello guys,

Wanted to share a story with you all…you are making a such a lovely difference out there to people with cancer.

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Dundee Marathon – 21st July

Details for Sundays planned event in Dundee.mar

We are to Meet at Camperdown Country Park in Dundee from 8am onwards, this is the starting line of the Marathon. We shall set up a static display then head out with our buckets to collect some money.

Once the crowds have left this area we are to make our way to Brought Ferry Castle which Is the finish line for the half Marathon. The organisers have asked if we can do some marshaling, those who are not keen and set up a static display and so some more collecting.

The Money keeps flowing in

moneyScotia Wings attended Asda in Dunfermline on the 22nd of June to run a can collection for our chosen charity, Macmillan.

Another staggering amount of £714.06 were raised, on a very wet day but much fun was had by riders and shopper alike.

Well done to everyone involved.

Check out some pictures from the day in the Gallery.

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The Moneys Are in

moneyThe Money from Saturdays Can collection in Aberdeen are in, they have been counted and independently adjudicated and the totals are .

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Macmillan Event Request

Macmillan have001-1-2-f invited Scotia Wings to be part of the Dundee Marathon on the 21st of July.

Please can all members or visitors to the site let myself know if you would be available to attend on this date to help.

Email me by clicking Here

Macmillan Video

Fantastic Video highlights from the Aberdeen fundraising on the 25th of May courtesy of Frank Johnston.  I think he missed his calling in life.

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Aberdeen Fundraising Collection

DSCN0208.JPGDerek Clark came up with the idea that it would be great to do a can collection in Aberdeen for Macmillan and what better way to do it than between 2 of the biggest shopping centres.  So off he went to obtain the license for the club and collections and we advised Macmillan we were go for launch.

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imagesWe have been asked by Macmillian Caner Support if Scotia Wings Could help out with a static display and can collections at 2 Tesco’s in Dundee.  Could all members get back to me to let me know if there is any interest.  Read on for more details.

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